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All prices refer to US dollars

Open Books

Pentateuch$30 Works of Chaucer$30

Nativity$30Gutenberg Bible  $30

Benedictional      $30Botanical     $30

Accounts book    $30Magician's Spell Book  $30

Mrs Beetons$30       Anatomy book             $30

Naturalist's notebook $30  Bird Book    $30

Stamp Album$40     
Extra loose stamps$  5

Fully Printed books
All titles are 40 US Dollars except Character trapped in a book which is 50 US dollars.  If you want Character trapped in a book in a collectors clam shell box the cost of book and box is 100 US dollars.

Miniature books not dollshouse scale: 
These are all individually priced and the deluxe collector's editions  include presentation boxes.

Postage and payment
Postage is $7 added to the TOTAL price no matter how many books you order.  Parcels are sent Airmail, registered.

Happily, we can now use Pay Pal in South Africa and I now have a PayPal account.  PayPal E mail address is bbminiatures@yahoo.com

For currencies other than US Dollars:
Use the Universal Currency Converter

E mail me if you have any questions : bbminiatures@yahoo.com
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All prices refer to US Dollars

Faux books

Single books  $6 each
Set of 25 assorted books     $100
Set of 100 assorted books   $300

Assorted books will include different sizes, thicknesses and colours and will include some sets of books, eg a set of Encyclopedias.  Wizard books are all single volumes unless you request otherwise.
Faux books to fill your bookshelves
My Books
My Books
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