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My Dollshouse
Rip van Winkle.  40 US Dollars
Beautifully printed to give a crisp, perfectly legible text.  Fully sewn 5 signatures of 3 pages.  3 colour plates and one black and white illustration.  Bound in leather with marbled end papers. Height 27mm X Width 20mm X Depth 4mm
Printed on 90g Novatech paper on a digital press - Kodak NexPress 2100 by Paper Chef in Franschoek

Victorian Children's Poetry.  40 US Dollars  SOLD OUT
A tiny book that measures only 22mm by 22mm by 4 mm (seven eighths of an inch by seven eighths of an inch)
Beautifully printed to give a clear, crisp text, but tiny - so you need magnification to read it (unless you have excellent eye sight!).  Every page of this delightful book has colour illustrations or borders.  The cover is leather (colour varies) with a coloured picture pressed into the leather.
Spells and Potions.  40 US Dollars SOLD OUT
A tiny book that measures only 20mm by 16mm by 5mm 
Beautifully printed to give a clear, crisp text.  Every spread has one colour plate of a herb and a 'spell' or cure for an ailment.  There are 32 colour plates.  The cover is a black or very dark brown leather with blind tooling and faux French binding.
ABC -   
Sorry, no longer available due to end of print run).

A new fully printed ABC book with 26 colour illustrations.  Crisply printed on fine white 90gram Novatech paper.  Fully sewn and bound with dark blue leather with the cover image pressed into the leather.  A tiny jewel of a book.
Only 21mm x 15mm x 4mm
Gallic wars by Julius Caesar.  40 US Dollars
LIMITED EDITION of 60 books all numbered and signed

Fully printed in Latin.  Printed on fine white 90gram Novatech paper.  Sewn with Invisifil thread.  Available in a variety of Persian cover designs in a variety of leather colours.  The Persian designs are pressed into the leather whilst still wet to give a seamless join.
Carpet Jewels
Every dollshouse needs a book that gives the history and provenance of Persian carpets!  This exquisite coffee table book has gold tooling on the cover and spine and creamy paper with a maroon font that is clearly legible.  The cover is leather (colour varies)  and the end papers are a rich burgundy.  The book is fully sewn and properly bound.  Limited edition of 36 books.
One twelfth scale  25mm X 22mm X 4mm  40 US Dollars 
Books for wizards and witches
Steam Punk

If you have not heard of Steampunk then the best way to familiarise yourself with the movement is to go to Google / Images and type in "Steampunk".  But as the quote in the book says - "It is Victorian / Industrial but with more whimsy and fewer orphans!"

This tiny book has some special features - the cover is leather with small watch parts impressed into the leather, creating the Steampunk design.

The contents are images of Steampunk creations and the opposite page gives the credits for the original designers of the pieces.  This is definately a talking piece for your dollshouse.

The cost is $40 US and postage is $6 US.  
Payment by PayPal. 
Email me for details.

Dimensions: One twelfth scale.
Metric 23mm by 15mm by 6mm
Imperial:         less than one inch by three quarters of an inch