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I am often asked "How did you do your ....." So I thought it would be a good idea to record it on my web site and then those who are interested can read all about it.  So here is the start.......

Entrance hall floor:
Entrance hall floor is made from matte board.  It was made for me by a friend Caitlin Leach (thanks Caitlin) from an idea that I found in the book The Dollshouse Source Book by Caroline Clifton-Mogg.  Page 72 and there you can see what my inspiration was.  Start with the basic colour of board that you want.  Then a slight cream texture is sponged on and then the tile and border is drawn on with an architect's drawing pen.  When finished it is sprayed with a sealer that helps to take away from the paper look.   Slide into place.  If necessary you can hold it in place with double sided carpet tape.  You can then always remove it if you need to access the wiring below which goes to the basement overhead lights.

These brought me to a grinding halt for a couple of years!!  Eventually a friend helped me (thanks Bill) and got me over the hold up.  They are in three parts. Landing; first flight; second flight.

Landing.  make a support on both side walls that will hold up the landing.  These can be scrap MDF since they will not be seen but must be the same (and correct) height.

I then made a triangular piece of wood to support the first flight of stairs that were bought ready made. That then slides up to the landing. I then positioned the second flight resting on the landing and held it in place with a toothpick that acts as a joint.  Finally side pieces were added that mask all the workings underneath.

On the side of each step you can see some detail.  This is a jewellery finding in the shape of a triangle, stuck on with 2 part epoxy and then the whole stair case was spray painted with antique ivory.

Staircase carpet and stair rods:
The carpet is made from the cheap Turkish woven rugs, but these ones were sold as book marks.  I needed 2 and there is a join but I joined it at the crack of a stair so you can't see the joint.  Stick these down one stair at a time using a kebab stick and an elastic band to hold the carpet in place until glued.  Be patient.  The stair rods must only LOOK like they are keeping the carpet in place.

Stair rods.  I used the directions from Bonnie's weeving site.  You can still access these instructions here:
Mine are made from brass tubing, easily cut with tin snips.  A gold bead is stuck on each end and held in place with a small brass brad (actually the ones you get for lighting).

Make loops to hold the stair rods in place.  Again I took my instructions from Bonnie:
Take brass wire and wrap it around a toothpick, once. Twist the remaining ends 4 times.  Drill the holes to receive the wire twists.  Put your stair rods into the loops and thread the twisted parts through the drilled holes.  Secure firmly at the back of the stairs before installing the stairs.

The plaster niche was bought from Sue Cook.  The flowers were made by a friend - Erika Gross.  Thank you Erica.  She also made the plate hanging on the wall.

The gentleman's riding boots were bought from Susan Lee Miniatures.

The walls are matte board bought in that colour, cut to size and slid into place.  Held in place with some double sided carpet tape.  Smooth, clean, instant and very satisfying. 

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