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I am often asked "How did you do your ....." So I thought it would be a good idea to record it on my web site and then those who are interested can read all about it.  So here is the start.......

The bathroom did not take long to do once I started it.  I remember my husband sat down to watch rugby one Saturday afternoon about 4o'clock and I thought "I will just START my bathroom".  One thing led to another and the whole room was finished by 11 o'clock Sunday - and I had slept!

Bathroom floor:
I started with a sheet of bought paper "tile" flooring.  I took it to the photocopy shop along with a sample of the yellow matte board that was to be the walls and asked them to adjust the colour to match the walls. This they did.

I then mounted it onto a sheet of the yellow matte board (but could have been any pale colour I guess) which had been cut to fit the bathroom floor plan..  When working with matte board ANY moisture makes it buckle. (Don't listen to anyone who tells you anything else!) so you use spray contact adhesive. Spray the back of the paper, then
spray the board. Wait 5 minutes. Stick paper down. 

Now with a black pen (I use an architects' draughting pen but any fine liner will do) I customised the design by adding a border of small black tiles.  This makes it look like it was made specially for this room.  I then sprayed it with a clear varnish that changed it from a paper look to a tiles look.  I was very pleased with it and it was quick and easy.  It is held in place with double sided tape.

Stand back and admire.

This is the method that I love. It is quick, clean, easy, neat and allows you access to wiring if you need it.

I stuck a strip of scrap wood in position to act as a frame to push against in the places where I was going to put a false wall.  In this room, apart from adding interest to the shape of the room, the sloping section suggests a stair well going up to the next floor.

Buy your matte board in the colour of your bathroom. Cut matte board to fit each section of wall.  When it is a snug fit push it up against your scrap wood strips if it is a false wall or else stick it to the walls themselves.  It gives you an instant finish, smooth, neat and crisp.  It also gives you access to the tape wiring behind it.

You will notice a wall light in the bathroom.  This is how I did it with the matte board method:  Place the matteboard against the wall.  With a pencil make a dot where you want the light to be. Take the matte board out.  Make a hole where the dot is and thread the wires of the light through the hole.  Stick the light to the matte board with a drop of clear silicone.  Now position the matte board in the room again but laid down.  Connect the wires to your tape wire. Test the light.  Pull the wires through tight and put the wall in position. Ta dah!

Stand back and admire.

The plain tiles are made by Evergreen scale models.  Made in Kirkland WA in the USA.  Usually available from model shops or model railway shops.  I sprayed them a colour to tone with the walls.  These tiles are very easy to work with as they just snap to the size you want.  I stuck them onto the matte board with clear silicone.  The border tiles were bought from the Covent Garden shop in London (now closed).  They are made by Lamitile.  Stuck on with ....... you guessed it, clear silicone.

The basin and toilet were bought from Andrea Hogarth from Australia.  Her business was called Miniature Curios.  I have now lost contact with her and want to order the bath so if anyone knows her - please put me in touch with her.  Most of the tiny pottery jars on the shelves are made by Terrance Curran, but you probably can't see them.  On the shelves there is a yellow rubber duck, a tin of toothpaste, a jar of cold cream, a shaving mirror by Laurence St Leger and tortoise shell men's brushes also by him.  I hope my children know what this dollshouse is worth!!

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