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This is the bookbinder's workbench that I made for my bookbinder's workroom, BiBlios.  It was made with the intention that it would go into the project that I was to make with Pat and Noel Thomas during my week in Castine at Guild School. 
How did I do it?  Well, easy peasy really.  The book press I commissioned from a friend, Mike Cox.  The glue pot was made for me by my friend Heather James.  I dug around in my supplies and found all the tools that I had bought in the past with NO idea at the time what I needed them for, just can't resist tools.  I made a punch from a dentist's drill bit, cut it to size and painted the handle brown.  The books are mine and are mostly early versions which don't bear close inspection but are OK in a pile of old books!  The bone folders are made from 2 part clay.  The most precious piece on the table is the cotton reel which was made by David Edwards from Scotland.  Now I knew I had bought them but WHERE had I stored them???